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Subject: Re: [office] News from IDA, ISO and TC roadmap


to simplify todays discussions, I'd like to fill the suggested roadmap 
with some real dates:

Michael Brauer wrote:
> Dear TC members,


> What we need are the following dates:
> a) A date where we stop integrating proposals and start reviewing the 
> specification document. I could imagine that end of September is 
> appropriate here.

The last TC meeting where we discuss proposals for the *next* committee 
draft could be the 27th of September. The last day to post proposals to 
the mailing list would be the 24th of September.

> b) A date where we stop the review and start the committee draft voting. 
> Since the changes we made since the last committee draft are rather 
> small, I could image that mid of October is appropriate here.

This could be October the 18th. We in this case would have two TC 
meetings where we could address feedback if required. Depending on 
whether we want to vote in the meeting or by e-mail, the voting could 
either take place the same day or the e-mail voting could end at 
October, the 24th.

> c) A date where we start the public review of the committee draft prior 
> to the OASIS standard voting. I could imagine that end of October is 
> appropriate.

The meeting where we vote about the public review could be the one of 
October, the 25th.

> The review takes place for a minumum of 30 days, so it would be end of 
> November when it is finished. The subsequent schedule depends on the 
> feedback we receive during the review. If we have to make substantial 
> changes to the specification in order to address the feedback, then 
> additional review cycles are required. If no additional review cycles 
> are required, we might be able to forward the specification to the OASIS 
> administration by December, the 15th. The voting for the OASIS standard 
> then would take place in January. If the voting is successful, the ISO 
> standardization could follow as the next step.


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