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Subject: "you can"

hello all,

i had a look at the "you can" occurrences in draft 19, and i will start
editing with chapters 1-6.  i think i can do these over the next couple
of days.  if anyone wants to start on other sections, let me know;
otherwise if i finish these and have more time, i will keep going.

btw, it looks like roughly half the occurrences (based on a quick scan)
are of the exact same type:

"The attributes that you can associate with the <something> element are:
  * My-attribute-1
  * My-attribute-2
  * My-attribute-3

this realization effectively cuts the overall project size in half.


<b>TOM MAGLIERY</b>  XML Technology Specialist
604.697.8705  mag@blastradius.com
<b>BLAST RADIUS</b>  XMetaL  <http://www.xmetal.com/>

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