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Subject: Re: [office] [Fwd: clarification: OpenDocument and SVG]


Chris Lilley wrote:
> On Thursday, February 3, 2005, 2:14:14 AM, Michael wrote:
> MB> I believe that we will be able to resolve this issue in a way that is
> MB> beneficial to both the OpenDocument and SVG specs and agree that we
> MB> should keep the communication channels open. Who in the SVG group could
> MB> be the primary contact for the OpenDocument TC? Is it you?
> Jon Phillips is not a member of the SVG WG. I am the chair of that WG,
> so the contact can be through me. The issue is going to be discussed at
> todays telcon (in 40 minutes time ...) but its possible that we will need
> more time, and more communication between the two groups, to resolve
> this successfully. I gather there is a hard deadline of this Friday for
> comments?

The deadline for comments is today, but Mental already has send his
concerns to our list. See


However, I think our two groups are interested in resolving this issue
regardless of this specific deadline for comments.

> MB> I'd also like to thank Mental for bringing this topic to the attention
> MB> of our two working groups.
> Yes, a very timely alert - thanks!


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