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Subject: it's "until we meet again"

OpenDocument mates,

Just when I have been back on the calls long enough to regain my
official voting status, it is now time for me to sign off the committee.
My usefulness here has dwindled both in terms of how much input I can
offer personally, and in how much Blast Radius has to gain by my
presence.  I have enjoyed talking with you all every week for so long,
and despite you-know-who's attempts to FUD things up, I am extremely
optimistic about the future of OpenDocument as a file format.  I will
continue to eagerly read all the news I can about "open" victories on
the office applications battleground!

Good luck to you all in your continued efforts, and I hope that our
paths will cross again!  If you are ever looking for me, try
magliery.com in addition to my daily life at Blast Radius.  (Choose a
different email name than the "public" one on my website.  Choose
anything.  It'll work.)


<b>TOM MAGLIERY</b>  XML Technology Specialist
604.647.6505  mag@blastradius.com
<b>BLAST RADIUS</b>  XMetaL  <http://www.xmetal.com/>

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