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Subject: [office] OpenDocument TC Coordination Call Minutes 2006-02-20

Paul Langille, Corel
Nathaniel Borenstein, IBM
Robert Weir, IBM
Yue Ma, IBM
Patrick Durusau, Individual
David Faure, KDE
ody Goldberg, Novell
Michael Brauer, Sun Microsystems
Lars Oppermann, Sun Microsystems
Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Florian Reuter, Sun Microsystems
Bruce D'Arcus, OpenDocument Foundation
Gary Edwards, OpenDocument Foundation
David Wheeler, OpenDocument Foundation

Acceptance of Minutes from Last Call
The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes from the last 
coordination call

Action Items
- Provide minutes on OpenDocument 1.0 revisions to japanese ISO sub.,
- Propose dates for face to face meeting (Michael), ongoing
- Post proposal for metadata SC charter (Michael), done

Action items for work- and coordination calls will be tracked seperatly.

SC Status
A11Y (Nathaniel)
- the SC has started it's work
- more participants are still joining
- currently starting work on gap analysis
Michael will give a general introduction on OpenDocument
to the members of the A11Y SC in approx. 4 weeks during the
normal con-call of the A11Y-SC.

Formulas (David W.)
- most of the infrastructure is in place (website, mailinglist...)
- comments list not yet working
- koffice will also participate, not sure yet who from the project will join
- planned to have 1st meeting next week

TC Discussion
Creation of Errata Document
- Patrick volunteered to create the document. It will contain the text
of the erratas which were agreed upon in the TC calls. An updated 
version of the document will be posted to the website as new erratas 
items are agreed. The TC will also check on a regular basis whether 
there are any objections regarding the posted errata doc.

The TC unanimously agreed to replace the terms 'URL' and 'URI' with
'IRI' in the next version of the specification whenever it refers
directly or indirectly to an element or attribute of type 'anyURI'

Action: Patrick to create initial errata document with URI/IRI errata item

Michael proposed a charta for a metadata SC to collect use cases.
The discussion showed, that that it would be inefficient to start off a 
sub comittee only dealing in use-cases. The charter should thus combine 
the use-case, requirements and specification phases.
The proposed charter will be extended so it doesn't stop at the
requirements phase and includes a deliverable of actual proposals on how
to address extended metadata in OpenDocument with regards to the
identified use-cases and requirements.
Patrick expressed his availability as chair for the metadata SC
Florian, Bruce, Robert and Gary said that they would participate in the
metadata SC.

Next weeks work call will be chaired by Lars.

New Action Items
- Patrick: create initial errata doc

Next conference call
TC work call: 2006-02-27 4PM GMT – 5:00PM GMT
TC coordination call: 2006-03-06 4PM GMT – 5:00PM GMT

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