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Subject: Re: [office] Re: [office-accessibility] Re: [office] Fw:[office-accessibility] Inclusion of tables in the .odp profile forpresentations

Hi Guys,

Just a quick question here: is it, from an A11Y perspective absolutely 
unacceptable to have embedded tables? If the application is able to 
activate the embedded object in-place and the activated context is 
sufficiently accessible...

Also from a file-format perspective, the structural information would be 
available, if the embedded table object is ODF.

I understand, that this is not very lightweight. I would like to know 
whether it has to be ruled out completely from an A11Y point of view.

All the best,

Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:
> Since not everyone is an accessibility expert - The reason we need a 
> real table construct in presentations is that we need to be able to do 
> structural navigation. We need to have row, column constructs, headers, 
> etc. otherwise we have an inaccessible solution. We will also have to 
> address keyboard navigation of tables once we have a "tables for 
> presentations" specification.

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