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Subject: Appendix on Bidi


I finally got around to writing that appendix about Bi-directional text. 
Sorry for the delay. I think this Appendix should be titled:

Appendix E. Notes on Multilingual Support (Non Normative)

So the current appendix E (changeset) and F (notes) would be upped by 
one letter. This is the text I suggest (mostly copied from Lars' email):

Heading:  Appendix E. Notes on Multilingual Support (Non Normative)
Sub heading: Bidirectional Text

OpenDocuemnt has full support for bidirectional text (bidi). This is 
done through the Unicode standard version 4.0.0 combined with section 15 
of the OpenDocuemnt specification.

Unicode 4.0.0 specifies, in chapter 15.2 ("Bidirectional Ordering 
Controls") and Annex #9 ("The Bidirectional Algorithm") how to embed 
right-to-left text in a left-to-right paragraph and vice versa as long 
as the base direction of the enclosing paragraph is established. The 
base direction is provided by OpenDocument Section 15.5.36, 
style:writing-mode attribute.

For example, to embed an English quotation in the middle of an Arabic 
paragraph, the enclosing paragraph could have the style:writing-mode 
"rl-tb" and the embed English text could be marked by a LRM (U+200E) 

See also sections 15.2.19, 15.7.8 and 15.8.13.

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    \/_/    letters, numbers, doodles, sign language and
    /       squirrel noises.

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