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Subject: OpenDocument v1.0 Second Edition Draft 27

Dear TC members,

I have uploaded Draft 27 of the OpenDocument specification, that is called 
"Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) v1.0 (Second 
Edition)". I have chosen this name (rather than OpenDocument 1.0.1), to 
emphasize that the specification compared to OpenDocument v1.0 contains only 
editorial changes, and not a new variant of OpenDocument.

I have integegrated the folliwing comments as posted on the list:

UK comment 1 (control vocabulary)
UK comment 4 additions (i.e, and e.g.,)
UK comment 5
UK comment 8

I have further added the missing link in the CSS3Text bibliographic entry, 
and have added a sentence to sections 15.4.33 and 15.4.34 which clarifies why 
we are referencing CSS3Text here.

There are two variants od the specification document:

1. The specification without any markup that shows what has changed is at


This will be the specification we will vote for as a committee draft, 
provided that no additional modification are required.

2. The specification without change tracking information and a yellow 
background color markup for areas that have been changed is at


The only purpose of this document is to make it simplier to review the 
changes only. It will not become normative.

Please review the specification document and the changes, and let Patrick and 
me now if there are changes you don't agree to, or there is something missing 
or incorrect.

Provided that there is no feedback that prevents this, I would like to ask 
the TC to agree on the the updated specification as a new committee draft on 

Best regards


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