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Subject: Re: [office] Additional Ballot Comments (China)

Hello Robert,

could you explain to us how the UOF integrates both ODF and MS Open XML
I guess I understood what *UOML* was about but I'm unsure about UOF...

Charles-H. Schulz.

robert_weir@us.ibm.com a écrit :
> 1. Considering the market relevance, ODF should be integrated with
> China national standard final draft— Uniform Document Format (UOF) as
> much as possible, as well as Microsoft’s Open XML Format.
> 2. XSLT Style sheets should be provided to facilitate the conversion
> among the mainstream document formats.
> 3. UNO implementation of ODF should conform to CORBA specification.
> 4. ODF in W3C schema should be provided in addition to RelaxNG
> specification.
> 5. The document structure should be described by means of hierarchical
> elements for better extensibility, whereas the current version uses
> too many attributes.
> 6. ODF should add in support for user defined XML data.
> 7. Different compression algorithms should be adopted according to
> different media types appeared in the content rather than using ZIP only.
> 8. Extension facilities should be provided for particular software
> products to allow them use product specific features.
> 9. Text table is hard to transform into other formats due to its
> faulty design.
> 10. Representation of graphics and chart is imperfect, e.g., the
> incompact chart description in spreadsheet.
> 11. Field representation is inexplicit and incomplete.
> 12. Some values adopted are not described clearly in the standard
> document, e.g., some string and enumerate values.
> 13. International markup. i.e., multilingual and localized tags should
> be supported.
> 14. Function related to Chinese processing should be enhanced, e.g.,
> to support binding lines and diagonally divided table cells.

Associé / Associate,
Ars Aperta.

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