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Subject: Re: [office] Proposal Responses to ISO Comments


I have updated the proposal document now. The new version is at


The following has been changed:

1. I have added proposals for the replies to the Chinese comments. I would 
like to ask you to review these proposals carefully, because they are 
entirely new and we never discussed them before.

2. I have slightly modified the text for the following comments:
UK 3, UK 12 and Japan 2. The modifications are only editorial ones and should 
not effect the response itself.

The document seems to be what is needed from the TC as input for the 
disposition report. If no objections are raised either regarding the 
responses themselves or the time left to review them, I would like to ask the 
TC to agree on the document on Monday.

Best regards


Michael Brauer wrote On 06/14/06 17:47,:
> Patrick, Jamie, All,
> I have created a document that contains proposals for the responses to 
> the ISO comments. They are based on what we have agreed for ODF 1.0 (2nd 
> edition) and on Patrick's suggestions.
> Patrick, Jamie, if the TC accepts this document, is this what you need 
> from the TC as input to the disposition report?
> All, please review the document. Provided that it is what is required, I 
> think it would be very reasonable if we could agree on the document on 
> Monday.
> The document is at
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/18744/iso-comment-responses 
> Michael
> (The Chinese comments are not included in the document. I'm still 
> working on them, but will add them as soon as possible).
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