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Subject: OpenDocument v1.1 draft 1

Dear TC members,

I've added a first OpenDocument v1.1 draft to our document repository, 
including the schema files I've extracted from the draft:


I have integrated the following proposal, that we have agreed last Monday

- A11y proposals[2]. See notes below.
- Proposal for ISO comments UK Comments 9, 10, 11, Japan Comment 2 [3]
- Proposal for BiDi appendix[4]. I have enhanced this proposal so that it
considers the new style:writing-mode attribute of graphic styles
- Proposal for correction of spelling errors within the schema [5]
- Proposal for style:writing-mode attribute in graphic styles [6]
- Proposal for correction of some spelling errors [7]
- Proposal for End-Of-Presentation Slide [8]
- A few spelling errors and references, that could be considered to 
ambiguous, that I found during the editing.

With the exceptions mentioned below, I took the text of the original 
proposals, or made only very small modifications to the text.

All changes are marked with a yellow background color. The only exceptions 
are new headings and the indexes that are generated.

Some notes on the integration of the Accessibility proposals are below.

Best regards


Notes on A11y Proposals[2]
1. Soft Page breaks: I have integrated Lars' last proposal, with ony a few 
minor modifications.

2. Header Columns and Row
I've taken the proposal from the report, but have occasionally changed the
wording slightly.

3. Navigation in presentations
I've taken the proposal from the report, but have occasionally changed the
wording slightly. The new attribute is described in section 9.1.5

4. - 6. Alternative texts
Since the descriptions of the new <svg:title> and <svg:desc> elements are the
same for layers, drawing objects and image maps, I've combined these 3
proposals into a single one.

The <svg:desc> and <scg:title> elements are described in section 9.2.20. The
descriptions of all elements that support <svg:desc> and <scg:title> contain
a reference to section 9.2.20.

The proposal in the report contains some guidelines for implementors and
authors. To keep them separate from the specification, I have moved them into
a new non-normative appendix E. I have further removed the names of products. 
This should be considered as a proposal only. If the TC or SC would like to 
have the guidelines included in the descriptions, then we could move them again.

I have taken the text for the descriptions and guidelines from the proposal,
but slightly changed the wording.

7.  Captions
The TC has agreed to name the attribute draw:caption-id. In order to be able
to reference multiple paragraphs, I've added an text:id attribute to
<text:section> elements, so that they can serve as a container for the section.

The new attribute is describd in section 9.2.15. The description of the
attribute is new, and I have moved the guideline how to use into the new
appendix E.

8. Text hints for hyperlinks.
While integrating the proposal, I have noticed that the <svg:title> element
does not fit very well into the structure of the <text:a> element. One minor 
issue is that it is from a drawing object related namespace rather than from 
a more gerneral one (like "office") or from the "text" namespace. The other 
issue is a compatibility issue: for most elements that appear on the 
paragraph level, text content of elements is considered to be text of the 
paragraph. If we add the title as an element, then existing implementation 
may consider the title to be part of a paragraph's text. If we add the title 
as an attribute, this will not happen.

I therefore propose that we move the title for hyperlinks into an
"office:title" attribute, allthough this is different than for drawing
objects. I have specified the hyperlink title this way in the current draft,
but this should be considered as a proposal only. If the TC thinks that a
<svg:title> element is the better option, then we should change that.

Since there are two elements for hyperlinks (<draw:a> and <text:a>) I have
added the attribute to both elements, assuming that they are missing for both

The new attributes are described in section 5.1.4 and 9.3.9. As usual, I have
moved the guidelines how to use the attributes into the appendix E.

9. Tables in presentations
I have added some words regarding tables in presentations to the appendix.

[5] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200606/msg00075.html
[6] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200606/msg00074.html
[7] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200606/msg00077.html
[8] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200606/msg00085.html

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