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Subject: OpenDocument v1.1 items

Dear TC members

Below a are few items that we may consider to include into OpenDocument 1.1:

- In Section 14.6.1, a "name" attribute is defined for the schema of
"<svg:font-face-name>". The intention here was to define a "svg:name" 
attribute. I'm not sure how obious this is. On the hand OpenDocument uses 
namespaces for all attributes, on the other hand "name" itself is a valid 
attribute name and is not misspelled.

- In our meeting on March, the 27th, we agreed to add a paragraph-style 
attribute to the table cell template element
I think we should integrate that into OpenDocument 1.1.
David, can you provide the description and schema for the element?

- In our meeting at October, the 31st, we agreed to reference the 2nd edition 
of the xsd specification rather than the first one for futue versions of the 
specification, and to change the definition of the language data type:


The may make this change for the OpenDocument 1.1 specification.

- In http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office/200604/msg00013.html
Eike asked to allow a an apostrophe within cell addresses. From my
understanding this is somehow related to the formula SC's work.

- In the table in section 3.1.18, for text documents a meta:ole-object-count
attribute is listed, while for all others a meta:object-count is listed.
Correct would be to always list an "meta:object-count".
The "meta:ole-object-count" listed in the schema actually is obsolete, and
as far as I know not supported by any implementations, but we must not
remove it for compatibility reasons.

- As a last item, a small proposal: Section 15.5.39 describes a 
"text:page-number" paragraph formatting property as follows:

"If a paragraph style specifies a master page that should be applied 
beginning from the start of the paragraph, the style:page-number attribute 
specifies the page number that should be used for new page."

What's missing for this property is a value "auto", that specifies that the 
new page should get the page number of the previous page, incremented by one, 
rather than a new page number. That means, it is currently possible to define 
a style that sets a new page number for all paragraphs that have the style 
assigned, but is is not possible to reverts this to the default again in a 
derived style.

I therefore propose to extend the description of the "text:page-number" 
attribute by

"The attribute value can be an integer value or the value auto. An integer 
value specifies the page number of the new page directly. The value auto 
specifies that the page gets the page number of the previous page, 
incremented by one.

and to extend the schema as follows:

<define name="common-page-number-attlist">
		<attribute name="style:page-number">
				<ref name="positiveInteger"/>

Best regards


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