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Subject: Re: [office] proposal for new position and space attributes for the list level

On Wednesday 07 February 2007 15:00, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software 
engineer - Microsystems Inc wrote:
> I hope you see the benefit of the new attributes and you will support
> my proposal.

Thanks for your long email and explanation.
I'm unconvinced of the benefits, and I think the MS compatibility is a red 
herring for lists based on the simple premise that these extentions create a 
far to complex solution that no user actually will understand and thus we 
won't end up with something better.

I don't actually have a vote, so I'll just close this with my thoughts.
If you talk to end users and usability people then MSOffice gets a very very 
low grade for its usability in lists.
Honestly, OOo doesn't get much better.  One blogger on planet openoffice is a 
teacher and she said its too confusing for most people to use. Listen to her, 
she works with actual users.
Adding more complexity is going in the wrong direction, and is not doing 
anyone any favors.

Just a 'ps'.  You wrote this snippet; "Impossible in OOo Writer".
Which made me smile :)  There is a lot of lists stuff that is impossible in 
OOWriter but entirely possible in KOffice which saves it just fine in ODF. 
What about solving those usercases first?
Thomas Zander

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