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Subject: Re: [office] OpenDocument lists - my view included are some proposals

Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Friday 09 February 2007 11:31, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - 
> Sun Microsystems wrote:
>> ODF lists defined by using the numbered paragraph construct -
>> <text:numbered-paragraph> element - this view is mainly influenced by
>> the discussion in the ODF TC and with the ODF TC members:
>> - The ODF specification 1.1 doesn't specify, how numbered paragraphs
>> form a certain list and thus, how a counter domain is formed for
>> numbered paragraphs. I propose to use the proposed attribute
>> style:list-id and make it mandatory for numbered paragraphs in ODF
>> specification 1.2.
> Why would it be mandatory? That would be a problem with old documents that 
> don't have it.

Here I follow Michael Brauer - see his reply from Monday.

> Having a series of numbered paragraphs using the same list style can easily be 
> implied to be part of the same list.
> So, a numbered paragraph that does not have a list-id gets the list-id of the 
> last numbered-paragraph on that same level using the same style.  If the 
> previous has a different style, then a new list is started.
>> Thus, all numbered paragraph with the same list-id 
>> form a list and each list-id defines one counter domain. For text
>> documents in previous ODF versions, it's left to the application how to
>> group numbered paragraph together to form a certain list.
> We should specify it indeed.  How did my above parag sound?

Sounds good. I would support such a clarification. Thus, all 
applications, which support ODF 1.2, will interpret such documents in 
the same way.

>> - If a numbered paragraph doesn't specify a list style, I propose to use
>> the list style which is applied to the numbered paragraph on the
>> superior list level of the same list. If no such numbered paragraph
>> exists, a default list style is applied.
> fine.
>> - For the start values of the counter domain defined by a list-id I
>> propose to use the start values of the list style of the first numbered
>> paragraph of the list.
> Sounds good.

Regards, Oliver.

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