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Subject: Re: [office] OpenDocument lists - my view included are some proposals

Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Monday 19 February 2007 12:57, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software Engineer - 
> Sun Microsystems wrote:
>> L1 defines that list level 1 starts at 5 and list level 2 starts at 7.
>> L2 contains a list level definition for list level 2, but doesn't define
>> a start value for list level 2.
>>  From my point of view it would make sense that this should give us:
>> 5. Main chapter
>> 5.7. Foo
> The same argument applies; I doubt its a good idea to alter the definition of 
> not supplying an attribute inherit its value based on where it is used in the 
> document.
>> Yes, start values are defined for a certain list level with the list
>> level definitions of a list style and can't be applied for other list
>> levels. I didn't mean, that (e.g.) the start value for list level 1 is
>> taken as the start value for list level 2.
>> My intention was triggered more or less by the following example, when
>> different list styles are used inside a list:
>> <text:list text:style-name="L1">
>>     <text:list-item>
>>       <text:p>Main Chapter</text:p>
>>     </text:list-item>
>>     <text:list>
>>       <text:list-item text:style-overide="L2">
>>         <text:p>Foo</text:p>
>>       </text:list-item>
>>     </text:list>
>> </text:list>
>> respectively
>> <text:numbered-paragraph text:style-name="L1" text:list-id="myList1"
>>     Main Chapter
>> </text:numbered-paragraph>
>> <text:numbered-paragraph text:style-name="L2" text:list-id="myList1"
>>     Foo
>> </text:numbered-paragraph>
> That is actually an incorrect conversion. Parag 'Foo' would be another level 
> and thus can't reuse the list-id as its a different list.

I've forgot the text:level attribute.
Correct conversion should be:
<text:numbered-paragraph text:style-name="L1" text:level="1" 
    Main Chapter
<text:numbered-paragraph text:style-name="L2" text:level="2" 

The intentation of introducing the new attribute text:list-id is to 
group numbered-paragraphs using different list styles together into one 

>> In my view L1 is somehow the "leader" of the list. Thus, I came to this
>> conclusion.
>> But, I could also support, that this case gives us:
>> 5. Main chapter
>> 5.1. Foo
> I think that makes much more sense.


Regards, Oliver.

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