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Subject: Re: [office] proposal to solve problem with attributestyle:default-outline-level

Thomas Zander wrote:
> Morning Oliver.
> On Wednesday 21 February 2007 10:29, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann - Software 
> Engineer - Sun Microsystems wrote:
>> Thus, why do you disagree to my proposal to have this possibility for
>> attribute style:default-outline-level, too?
> Simple;
> ODF isn't a math specification, the spec doesn't have to be 100% 
> self-consistent.

But in this case, it can be easilier achieved with my proposal.

> ODF should be driven by need of users, not need of the programmer to express 
> any and all structure in it.
>>> Making validation of this field impossible (due to it not being a number
>>> anymore) needs a bit more justification then a weird usecase that is
>>> trivial to avoid by any application.
>> Sure you can. But, this should be specified also in the ODF
>> specification. Because otherwise you can't assure that this is avoided
>> in future applications supporting ODF. 
> What part needs clarification?
If my proposal will be rejected, it should be clarified, that
applications, which support ODF, don't support the use case I've described.

>> Thus, you would have something 
>> special for a certain attribute, which isn't needed, if you would
>> support my proposal.
> Ehm, now you are confusing me; you are the one that wants to introduce 
> something special for a certain attribute. Based on the logic that a numeric 
> item is the same thing as a reference to another item in the file.
> I'm confused how you can say that these two things are so similar that they 
> need the same behavior.

No, it isn't something special. Please consider my given example. I'm
proposing the same for attribute style:default-outline-level as for any
other attribute, e.g. style:list-style-name.
I can change my proposal: Instead of introducing new value "none" for
style:default-outline-level, I can propose new value "0". Then all
possible values of style:default-outline-level are numeric, which you
seem to prefer. Thus, the value type of style:default-outline-level will
be nonNegativeInteger instead of positiveInteger.

Again, can you please answer my question, what do you mean by "Paragraph
Style being a numbering style"?

Regards, Oliver.

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