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Subject: Re: [office] Unicode relative spaces -- Was, proposal for new position and space attributes for the list level

On Tuesday 27 February 2007 10:16, marbux wrote:
> > Specifically, if I alter the config of a list-style I type a space in the
> > postfix often, I can imagine a user wanting to type an em-space there.
> >  But my guess is that most users will just be too lazy and type two
> > spaces instead which tends to get just about the same effect.
> But the effect is about the same only if the line is left justified.
> If it's justified fully, the spacing becomes unpredictable unless you
> work with tab stops. So the question becomes how the tab positions are
> determined, e.g., by absolute measurements or by relative units of
> measurement.

This is only true in the case the word processor does not propertly align the 
If you have an html based numbered list (see attached) you'll see that all 
items are indented the same, even if the width of the list item is not the 
same everywhere.
OpenOffice and KWord2 do this as well, which makes the paragraph behave 
correctly when using block-alignment.
Thomas Zander
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