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Subject: Re: [office] List Proposal Vote Deadline on Wednesday

On May 4, 2007, at 6:03 PM, marbux wrote:

>> This thread ends.
> Well, looking at Michael's post, I see that you and Sun are united on
> that issue too. :-)

For the record, so am I. I am affiliated with the OpenDocument 
Foundation, but I speak for myself. I hope you're not now going to 
question my motives or integrity.

> So from your perspective, you're now prepared to endure whatever
> external pressure I can bring to bear and are ending any attempts to
> find a compromise that meets the needs of all concerned developers,
> right?

I don't see what choice anyone on this committee really has. What 
you're asking is completely unreasonable. You're basically saying let's 
invalidate the vote we just had and spend another few months of time on 
still more unproductive conversation. Moreover, you are raising these 
concerns by impugning the integrity of the engineers involved (in fact, 
every single one of them as far as I can tell), which I think 
incredibly bad form.

We had a vote, and that vote is over. Differences happen all the time 
in (real) standards work, and that work marches on.

I really think you need to take a step back and ask yourself what you 
really hope to achieve here, and whether this is the right way to 
achieve it. You've succeeded in alienating virtually everyone here. 
What good can possibly come of that?


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