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Subject: Re: [office] table:filter-condition extension proposal

On Tuesday 12 June 2007 16:56:40 Kohei Yoshida wrote:
> The original motivation for proposing this format:
>     <filter-set-item table:value="John Doe"/>
> instead of the other format:
>     <filter-set-item>John Doe</filter-set-item>
> is to make it in line with the 'table:value' attribute of the current
> table:filter-condition element, which is formatted like this:
>   <filter-condition table:field-number=1 table:operator="="
>           table:value="Doe"/>

I understand the logic, but I am under the impression that the moving of 
the attribute to become a node will make the suggestion of mine to be 
very common and obvious.

In other words; if its all the same to you, I think we should go for the
     <filter-set-item>John Doe</filter-set-item>

ps. I'm totally uninformed about the actual feature you are extending. So 
it would be great to get someone else to comment on that.
Thomas Zander

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