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Subject: Re: [office] citation example

Hi Michael,

On Jun 20, 2007, at 10:23 AM, Michael Brauer wrote:

> Bruce D'Arcus wrote:
>> So user adds a citation to their document with two references. They  
>> use an APA style, and it displays like:
>>     (Doe, 1999:23; Smith, 2000)
>> In the content file, then, we have a nested field; something like:
>> <text:meta-field xml:id="citation-1">
>>   (<text:meta-field xml:id="citation-1-r1">
>>     Doe, 1999
>>   </text:meta-field>;
>>   <text:meta-field xml:id="citation-1-r2">
>>     Smith, 2000
>>   </text:meta-field>)
>> </text:meta-field>
> Isn't there a "23" missing in your example code?

Yes, that's a typo.

>> Now, we have to hook up our RDF/XML to these fields to the RDF.
>> First, we define two RDF graphs (files) and register them in the  
>> manifest. Within that, we add a binding to associate content with a  
>> stable URI, which we can use to make further statements about (note:  
>> this is an abbreviated manifest file just for illustration):
> I know, you have corrected below example, but ...
>> <odf:Package rdf:about="urn:uuid:224ab023-77b8-4396-a75a-8cecd85b81e3"
>> xmlns:odf="http://docs.oasis-open.org/opendocument/meta/package#";
>>             xmlns:dcterms="http://purl.org/dc/terms/";>
>>   <dcterms:hasPart>
>>     <odf:MetadataFile odf:path="citation.rdf">
> Doesn't this have to be
> <odf:ContentFile odf:path="content.xml">?

I don't think so. It's is an RDF file; hence the odf:MetadataFile type  
(right Svante?).

BTW, the above is equivalent to this from the model perspective:


>>       <odf:Element  
>> rdf:about="urn:uuid:afdc453c-5dc8-4988-8dab-fc378bd9e73d"
>>             odf:idref="citation-1-r1"/>
>>       <odf:Element  
>> rdf:about="urn:uuid:321fc314-69d3-4019-859d-29a5dc2721a0"
>>             odf:idref="citation-1-r1"/>
> r1->r2?

Ugh ... yes.

>>     </odf:MetadataFile>
>>   </dcterms:hasPart>
>>   <dcterms:hasPart>
>>     <odf:MetadataFile odf:path="bibliography.rdf"/>
>>   </dcterms:hasPart>
>> </odf:Package>
>> Finally, within the bibliography.rdf file we store the raw source  
>> metadata (for one; I've omitted the other because I'm in a hurry!):
>> <b:Document rdf:about="urn:isbn:23983487">
>>   <b:referenceType="http://zotero.org/types/book"/>
>>   <dcterms:creator rdf:resource="http://ex.net/people#jane"/>
>>   <dc:title>Some Book Title</dc:title>
>>   <dc:date>2000</dc:date>
>>   <dcterms:publisher rdf:resource="http://ex.net"/>
> Schouldn't this be something like
> <dcterms:publisher rdf:resource="http://ex.net#abc"/>
> and the second vCard entry below
> <vcard:VCard rdf:about="http://ex.net/people#abc";>

Yes. I'm glad you're following along well enough to catch my stupid  
mistakes. Sorry for that; I was in a hurry, and doing it by hand  

If you would like to use this use case and example as the basis for  
discussion, I am happy to repost it with the corrections. Let me know.


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