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Subject: Re: [office] Recommendation to deprecate the is-subtable attribute

Michael Brauer:
> my understanding of the request is that the use of the is-subtable 
> attribute defined in section 8.2.6 should be deprecated, but not sub 
> tables in general.
> The reason is that, if this attribute is used in combination with 
> sub-tables to represent merged cells, that these tables are not accessible.
> I do understand that argument, and therefore support the request to 
> deprecate the attribute. What I'm wondering is whether we should 
> deprecate the attribute in general, or whether we should only deprecate 
> the use of this attribute for the purpose of merging cells.

I recommend #2.

I believe this attribute should be "deprecated" only in the sense that it should not be used to merge cells when spanning was intended instead.  But it should NOT be truly deprecated (option #1), because having a table merge into a larger table is semantically different, and it's a useful sementic differentiation to make.  The problem is not that the concept (fully merged subtables) is useless; the problem is overuse of one construct (subtables with hidden borders) when spanning was intended instead.

--- David A. Wheeler

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