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Subject: Re: [office] merging nested tables with surrounding table

On Wednesday 27 June 2007 15:57:02 Lars Oppermann wrote:
> Given that a requirement to make nested tables appear to be part of the
> surrounding table, it might be better to specify something along the
> lines of: If table:merge-with-surrounding is set to true, the cell
> contents (including any borders) of the enclosing cell are entirely
> replaced by the nested table (including any borders). See the attached
> image for an example.

But only when it would be legal to write the result as single table with a 
colspan/rowspan based solution.
Otherwise you still have the same problem of needless complexity in 
data-structures and rendering just for the gain of less user-interface 

> Anyway - I don't think we need this until someone proves otherwise (by
> providing a relevant use-case).

I doubt there is one, so I agree with your assessment.

Thomas Zander

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