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Subject: Re: [office] spreadsheet table:cell/table:table was: Re: [office] OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2007-08-13

On 16/08/07, Mason, James David (MXM) <masonjd@y12.doe.gov> wrote:

> But then I started seeing things about Apple's new spreadsheet,
> "Numbers": I think, at first glance, that it may come close to doing
> something like tables in cells.

Not from your description, or theirs? Page with n spreadsheets.
Yet another accessibility issue.

> Traditionally, spreadsheet programs have presented users with a
> full-screen grid of rows and columns. Numbers, however, is more like a
> page layout program-you start with a blank canvas, into which you can
> drag as many tables as you need onto the work area. Each table is a
> miniature spreadsheet of its own,


Dave Pawson

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