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Subject: Re: [office] spreadsheet table:cell/table:table was: Re: [office]OpenDocument TC coordination call minutes 2007-08-13

Dave Pawson wrote:
> On 16/08/07, Mason, James David (MXM) <masonjd@y12.doe.gov> wrote:
>> But then I started seeing things about Apple's new spreadsheet,
>> "Numbers": I think, at first glance, that it may come close to doing
>> something like tables in cells.
> Not from your description, or theirs? Page with n spreadsheets.
> Yet another accessibility issue.

Question: what is an "accessibility issue"?

Is it ...

a) something which is not supported by existing accessibility tools

b) markup that does not allow such tools to be written because they 
presume sighted users


I could see that multiple spreadsheets on a page might be an "issue" 
with a, but how is it for b?


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