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Subject: Is this valid?

just played a little with other ODF applications. Looks like Lotus Symphony can handle input fields with paragraphs
breaks in it.
The XML it produces is:

<text:p>Comment: <text:text-input text:description="Sample">This is a two paragraph comment.
This is paragraph two.
And a third paragraph.</text:text-input> End Comment.</text:p>

I’m wondering whether this is valid? Aren’t the CR chars supposed to be normalized during import.
This still doesn’t solve the issue of allowing formatting inside a field, but would be a start.
Havent checked what OpenOffice.org is doing but I guess its the same.

My question is: Is this valid wrt. to the ODF spec? Can we resuse this semantic in the text:meta-fields? That would
solve the problem too.


Sample Doc produces my Lotus Symphony Revision 20070913.1045

JPEG image


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