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Subject: OpenDocument TC coordination call draft minutes 2008-02-11

OpenDocument TC coordination call  draft minutes 2008-02-11

Call to order at 10:06am

* Rollcall

Robert Weir, IBM (presiding)

Eike Rathke, Sun Microsystems
Oliver-Rainer Wittmann, Sun Microsystems

Helen Yue, IBM
Bob Jolliffe, South Africa Dept. of Science & Technology
David Wheeler
Patrick Durusau

* 6/10 voting members present, so quorum requirements have been met.

* Minutes from 2008-02-04 coordination call:

Two amendments to minutes:

- corrected date in minutes, subject said "2008-01-21" but actually these were minutes for "2008-02-04"
- "The TC anonymously agreed" -> "The TC unanimously agreed"

The attending TC members unanimously accepted the minutes, with the above two amendments.  Rob will post approved minutes.

* Agenda approved

* Action Items
- (Not completed) Work continues on defining the default values.  Ma Yue is working on collecting values from Lotus Symphony.  -- Rob and Helen to follow up with Ma.

* Proposals, as listed at

* Other discussions

- Rob outlined the "ODF 1.2 Roadmap":

-Once we complete our editing work on ODF 1.2, it undergoes an approval process like this:
  1. Approval as a Committee Draft
  2. Public Review - 60 days
  3. Disposition of comments - 2 weeks
  4. Second public review - 15 days (2nd public review period is only required if we needed to make substantial changes in response to comments)
  5. Ballot for Committee Specification -- 15 days
  6. OASIS ballot - 60 days (including ballot prep time overhead)

We should plan on an exemplary review of ODF 1.2, and this may require 2 or more cycles of public review, so a conservative estimate is that an OASIS Standard could issue approximately 5 months after the TC's main work is complete.

Once approved by OASIS we can submit ODF 1.2 to JTC1 for approval as a PAS submission.  This would result in a 6-month ballot, with possible BRM at the end, so likely a 9-10 month overall process in addition to the OASIS process.

Once the TC has completed the text of ODF 1.2, the approval process in OASIS and ISO is rather predictable -- they have firm schedule requirements.  But predicting the completion of the ODF 1.2 technical work is harder.

A rough road map would be as follows:

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