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Subject: Re: [office] YEARFRAC, etc.

Keep in mind the history of these date basis definitions in OOXML.

I first reported the problem on July 9th, 2007.  This became part of the comments the US submitted along with our ballot response in Sept.

Ecma, in their response to the ballot comments failed to fix the problem.  They botched the definitions.

The DIS 29500 BRM in Geneva, failed to fix the definitions.  For lack of time the BRM decided to accept Ecma's defective text changes.

So what we end up with now, went 100% through the Ecma, JTC1 and SC34 processes.  No one along the way has managed to correct these errors.

These errors have already been reported, botched and approved any ways.  I'm not sure repetition of the same process by the same people is necessarily going to lead to great improvements.

In any case, from the ODF 1.2 perspective, I think we have no choice but to ignore OOXML's definitions and try to reverse engineer Microsoft Excel.  It could be a good marketing statement -- OOXML may be better at calculating wrong leap years and incorrect footnote placement like Word 95 did, but only ODF defines financial spreadsheet functions in a way which is compatible with current and legacy versions of Microsoft Excel.


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