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Subject: Re: [office] the simple proposal: forwards compatibility

2008/7/14  <robert_weir@us.ibm.com>:

>> If 1.2 defines a clear action on 'forwards compatibility'
>> that might act as  guidance for retroactive action on forwards
>> compatability?
> We have no shortage of ways of giving guidance.  But will they listen?

I'm not asking the TC for 'guidance'.
I'm asking for a 'shall' clause.
For forward compatibility if the version is greater than this then do X.
Nice and simple. Clear.
Seeks compliance or not.
*if* implementers want guidance it is available.
The TC can't do any more.

>> I see it as a shortcoming of the current spec.
> Since you are a TC member, you could just ask for it to be added to the
> agenda.

Michael, Rob.
Would you put this on the TC agenda and inform me when it is coming up
for discussion please.

Rest of the TC. If you have preferences for forwards compatibility please
add your suggestions.

Mine is to ignore content that is not valid to the currently
implemented standard.


Dave Pawson

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