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Subject: Re: [office] Are all charts always backed by a table?

2008/8/13 Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net>:

> If a vendor is conforming to the standard and the standard says data for a
> chart is in a table

I thought specifications 'required' content, not made statements of
fact about content.

 in the <chart:chart> element or in a <table:table>
> element in the containing document (since a chart is a document in its own
> right) that is addressed with a table:cell-address-range attribute, where
> else do you think a vendor is going to store the data and claim conformance
> to ODF 1.2?
> All chart data is stored in table. (full stop) How it is addressed, either
> as a table within the chart document or as a range of cells in a table in
> the containing document is the only difference.
> What language would you suggest if the something along the foregoing lines
> is insufficient?

"the table must be present in an instance containing a chart"

I'm unsure why Oasis has such an aversion to requirements.


Dave Pawson

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