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Subject: #6.6 Errata comments - Font agreement

Re: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/office-comment/200808/msg00059.html

          ODF 1.0     IS 26300
Section   page line   page line

9.2.19    293  29     297  12

The instruction is non-grammatical:

Replace the first "the" in "the the" should be "that." The words "left,"
"right, " "up," and "down" should all appear in the same font.

Recommendation:  Correct the instruction by replacing "should be" with

Replace the first "the" in "the the" with "that." The words "left," "right,
" "up," and "down" should all appear in the same font.

** ADDITIONAL PROBLEM ** If fonts are to be corrected, the words
"horizontal" and "vertical" should also be in the same font as the other
attribute-value terms (i.e., the value-term "auto").  There is some
indication that the occurrences of left, right, up, and down should not be
in monospace, because these are semantical observations, not directly
referring to values of the draw:escape-direction attribute, but to the
allowed behavior.

Supplemental recommendation #1 (preferable):  Provide a replacement for the
entire paragraph that gets it right, with the fonts presented as expected in
the replacement, clarifying what it means to escape in all four directions
(as opposed to any of the four directions).

Supplemental recommendation #2 (expedient): Strike the instruction with
regard to fonts.

 - Dennis

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Subject: [office] ODF 1.0 Approved Errata 01 -- Public review comments

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The following comments were received during the ODF 1.0 Approved Errata 01 
document public review period:

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[#6] Dennis E. Hamilton: 

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