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Subject: RE: [office] Coordination Call Attendance

I apologize for being thick about this.  The information I asked for was
always available in other activities known to me, and I assumed that it
would be valuable as part of our accountability for the work (providing
simple demonstration for what the numbers are based on, in particular).  It
is missing for me. I now understand it is not the practice and would be

I also apologize for not realizing what all the additional tools are and how
they are used by TC officers.  I use the resources that were available to me
as a non-TC member because that is what I already knew to use.  

I will not pursue this further.

 - Dennis

PS: I think of the public record as the material that is perpetually
available without being a member of OASIS or the TC. 

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Subject: Re: [office] Coordination Call Attendance

Hi Dennis,

On 09/30/08 18:07, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
[ ... ]

But I would like to understand why this is important to you? I have 
never required that information, even not in my role as TC
co-chair. What I need is the information who right now is a member and 
has voting rights. But this information is available at the TC 
membership page.

We furthermore track already the number of voting members the TC has in 
total and the number of those that are attending. Why is it important to 
you to also have the names of voting members that are not attending to a 
call in the minutes?

> I looked at the Calendar tool, but it doesn't provide any more information
> than the minutes with regard to this question.  I don't think it is part
> the OASIS public record, either.

I may be wrong, but my understanding is that it is part of the public 
record. At least, the data in the tool is used to conduct electronic 

> Also, the complete membership roster is difficult to use (being organized
> organization rather than individual).  For those reasons, I am requesting

That's true for the public roster. The roster at the TC member page


can be sorted by the last name or status by clicking the corresponding 
heading. Maybe that's what you are looking for.

[ ... ]

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