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Subject: RE: [office] Coordination Call Attendance


That is interesting about recording votes and such.  That was not anything
that figured in my request, even though I did cast a nay vote on the last
call (and I must remind Michael to identify me in the minutes).

My interest was in accounting for the voting membership and attendance over
time, since the current state on the TC page is not helpful with regard to
knowing what the voting participation was at a prior time.  I have no axe to
grind about this.  I was simply taken aback that it wasn't done already and
easily available.  (My experience in the matter is quite dated; I had
thought that this kind of tracking was the usual practice in standards
development and other membership-based committee efforts.)

I overlooked Michael's recent response.  OK, I get this is simply not the
practice, it is considered burdensome, and I will shut up.

 - Dennis

PS: With regard to the TC Calendar that Michael suggested, I didn't find
that workable and it does not appear to be part of the TC's public record
(being behind the password curtain).  The posted membership on the TC page
is also difficult to use. I just got through to the TC's roster and now I
understand what the tool is that has been mentioned.  My my ...

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From: robert_weir@us.ibm.com [mailto:robert_weir@us.ibm.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 01, 2008 22:02
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Subject: Re: [office] Coordination Call Attendance

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 09/29/2008 
09:43:28 AM:

> Michael and Robert,
> I notice that the membership and voting membership of OASIS TCs is 
> fluid.

Membership is more fluid than voting membership.  Any OASIS member can 
join as a TC member or remove themselves as a member at will.  Just click 
a button and it happens.  Voting membership, however, is obtained (and 
lost) in accordance with well-defined rules.  However the attendance 
tracking tool we use is not ideal.  Although it will track how many voting 
members attended a particular meeting (for quorum requirements) it does 
not determine who is a voting member.  Chairs need to do this 
determination manually.  Also, although it records who was in attendance 
at a given meeting it only tallies the total number of voting members.  It 
does not break it down further.

[ ... ]

> This is also moderately useful historically, since otherwise it is not 
> in minutes of past meetings how the body was constituted at that time. 
> also has a parliamentary function around reconsideration, although I 
> expect that to be of much concern.)

[ ... ]

So, I think that in practice, we already record the votes in all 
non-consensus questions.  I'm not sure whether there is any advantage to 
doing this for all votes.  But it is certainly your right, as a member, to 
request, for any particular question, a roll-call vote in accordance with 
Robert's Rules.  A motion to have a roll-call vote requires majority 

[ ... ]

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