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Subject: RE: [office] preferred view mode upon opening document

In the ODF TC Call, there was a request for clarification of the <choice>
rule for manifest:preferred-view-mode and the passage beginning "Beyond
that, ... ."

Here is my recommendation for changes to the text to clarify what is

In the current proposal,

Under "(1) simple option", change
"Add an attribute <presentation:auto-slide-show> ..."
"Add an attribute presentation:auto-slide-show ..." 

Under "(2) extended option"
in the added paragraph on "Preferred View Mode" replace the sentence
"Beyond that, a namespaced value is defined to enable the specific
application to customize its preferred view mode."
"Alternatively, a namespaced value may be used to specify a custom value for
the preferred view mode."

I also suggest that the the sentence 
"No default value is defined, and the way ... undefined."
be replaced by the two sentences
"There is no default value.  The behavior of application software is not
specified for cases where manifest:preferred-view-mode is absent or the
value is one not provided for."

This last change is intended to cover situations where a custom value is not
known to the implementation as well as when a well-known value is
inappropriate or simply not supported.  I avoided use of "undefined" because
this can be taken to mean that some sort of failure or rejection of the
document is also an option.

It seems valuable that the down-level behavior of ignoring the attribute is
also consistent with the defined behavior for 1.2.

 - Dennis

PS: I did not suggest any particular way that agreement on custom values
might occur.  It seems simplest to leave that unstated and be something that
happens by unspecified means.  Everything I thought to say was either very
clumsy or too limited.  

PPS: There is a question on whether the attribute should be preserved where
it is not recognized or is not being honored.  It is not a foreign
attributed but it can have a foreign value.  It is technically not a foreign
attribute down-level because it is in a standard namespace, although
implementations are known that drop attributes that are unsupported,
whatever the namespace.   This is a meta-topic that we might want to discuss

-----Original Message-----
From: Ming Fei Jia [mailto:jiamingf@cn.ibm.com] 
Sent: Sunday, October 26, 2008 05:40
To: office@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [office] preferred view mode upon opening document

I think without separating an extended-preferred-view-mode attribute works
as well, because, according to the string pattern, namespacedToken value can
be identified from the pre-defined values. So Michael's concerns can be

Now the revised proposal should be like as below:

Preferred View Mode
The manifest:preferred-view-mode attribute is meant to provide a preference
on how the author of the document would like the document to be presented
upon the document is opened. This attribute is only applicable to the root
file entry with the full path ¡°/¡±.There are 3 view modes pre-defined:
¡°edit¡±, ¡°presentation-slide-show¡± and ¡°read-only¡±. Beyond that, a
namespaced value is defined to enable the specific application to customize
its preferred view mode. View modes are not necessarily generally applicable
to all MIME types. No default value is defined, and the way in which an
application responds when no ¡°preferred-view-mode¡± attribute is specified
is undefined.
<define name="file-entry-attlist" combine="interleave">
<attribute name="manifest:preferred-view-mode">
<ref name=¡±namespacedToken¡±>

I updated the wiki about this proposal at this link:

Also I updated the odt proposal document at this link:

I would like to ballot on the next TC call if no fundermental changes occur.

Best Regards,

Mingfei Jia(¼ÖÃ÷·É)
IBM Lotus Symphony Development
IBM China Software Development LAB, Beijing
Tel: 86-10-82452493 Fax: 86-10-82452887
NOTES:Ming Fei Jia/China/IBM E-mail: jiamingf@cn.ibm.com
Address: No.28 Building, Zhong Guan Cun Software Park, No.8 Dong Bei Wang
West Road, ShangDi, Haidian District, Beijing 100193, P.R.China 

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