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Subject: Re: [office] add list level attribute to style:style

Hi Oliver,

I temporarily revised the proposal to express this meaning,http://wiki.oasis-open.org/office/add_list_level_attribute_to_style%3Astyle

Of course, the wording maybe need some English native members to ractify. The revised words are:

"18.xxxx style:list-level
The style:list-level attribute specifies the list level value of a list style that may be applied to any paragraph style. It does not directly specify the paragraph's list level value, but applications can change the paragraph's list level value through applying the paragraph style that has it as attribute and changing its value. It is valid only if the attribute style:list-style-name is specified and is not empty.
The style:list-level attribute may be used with the following element: <style:style>15.2 whose style family attribute has the value paragraph."

Oliver-Rainer.Wittmann@Sun.COM wrote on 12/17/2008 09:40:50 PM:

> Oliver-Rainer.Wittmann@Sun.COM

> Hi Ming Fei Jia,
> Thus, I think we are in line with the proposal.
> What I would like to see is that the new specification text about new
> property style:list-level contains some text, which states that the
> property does not specify directly the list level value of its
> paragraphs. But that it changes the paragraph's list level, when the
> paragraph style is applied and when the style:list-level property is
> changed.
> [I would propose such text, but I think I have problems to express it
> accordingly.]
> Regards, Oliver.

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