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Subject: Re: [office] DSIG proposal - URIs, Packages,and Namespaces - Proposal CORRECTION

The Package section 2.6 is indeed mistakable. Of course should resources
within the ODF package be referable from outside.
The usability of that package would be poor if this is not possible.
If someone annotates parts of the package (files, XML elements) with
metadata, it is desirable to refer/point directly to them.


Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> PS: Does anyone know if the metadata RDF proposal use of URIs also going to
> be an exception to Package section 2.6?  Lets not do that for any of these
> borrowed standards that use URI in widely understood ways and that we have
> not explicitly constrained very well.  The saving grace for manifest.xml is
> the use of an ODF-specific definition for the manifest:full-path attribute.

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