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Subject: RE: [odf-adoption] Interest in ISO version of ODF 1.1?

I'm certainly in favor of this enough to dig deeper and find out what the
scope of the effort would be and how many changes have to be dealt with.
That strikes me as an ideal way to synchronize with JTC1.

 - Dennis 

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Subject: [odf-adoption] Interest in ISO version of ODF 1.1?

We may have the ability to take the changes from ODF 1.1 (accessibility, 
etc.) and see these applied to ISO/IEC 26300:2006 as an amendment.  The 
SC34 Chairman, Sam Oh, seems receptive to this idea.  There would be a 
editorial effort required to do this, mostly clerical, but the number of 
small changes that were made makes the task non trivial.

I'd like to gauge the interest from TC members in undertaking this work. 
Is this a worthwhile effort?  On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), how 
important is this for you? 

Note that I'm not proposing that we do this.  I'm just asking what the 
interest level in this was, as request by Dr. Oh.  If the interest level 
is high, and we have volunteers to do the work, then we can explore more 
deeply what is required. 

Personally I think this is an interesting idea, but only if we can do it 
in a way that does not slow down ODF 1.2.  So maybe do during the 60 days 
that ODF 1.2 is out for public review, or after ODF 1.2 approval, when it 
is under 6-month review with ISO.


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