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Subject: Re: [office] More on graphics response


Good idea.

Jomar, would the following work?:

"The |anim:audio-level| attribute specifies the volume level during 
playback. Its value is a number in the range 0 (muted) to 1 (maximum)."

Note: The actual volume level experienced by a user is application, 
operating system and hardware dependent.

Hope you are looking forward to a great weekend!


robert_weir@us.ibm.com wrote:
> Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net> wrote on 03/13/2009 08:29:16 AM:
>> Yes, but your suggestion of "the range 0 (inaudible) to 1 (the current 
>> system volume)." would mean that if I already have my "system" volume 
>> set to 0 that there would be no sound at all, ever.
> That is accurate.
> I think what is missing is that there are at least two components to the 
> volume that an user actually hears.  There is the volume as set by 
> software (0-100%) and the volume set in the hardware, which also varies 
> from 0-100% (except for very special systems which go up to 110%).  And 
> there is often an intermediate level, in the operating system, that can 
> also vary the volume from 0-100%.
> The actual output volume is the product of all of these settings.  So in 
> fact if you muted the sound at the OS level or the hardware level, then 
> you will hear no sound, even if the volume is set to 1 in the software. 
> None of this is absolute measures, no dB's or anything like that.  It is 
> all relative.
> I'd just say the volume set by the software ranges from 0 (muted) to 1 
> (maximum), knowing that "maximum" is a system-dependent volume.   We can't 
> make assurances greater than that since audio systems vary.  We're not 
> writing software for a THX certified playback device. 
> Similarly, when we say an RGB value is (255,0,0) we cannot claim that the 
> user will actually see pure red, since their monitor may not be calibrated 
> correctly, they may be viewing with tinted artificial lighting, they may 
> be color blind, etc.  All we can state is the intent expressed by the 
> output setting.  With things like sounds and colors we cannot make claims 
> on system capabilities or human perceptions.
> -Rob
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Patrick Durusau
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