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Subject: Re: [office] Custom display names in data pilot tables

On Mon, 2009-05-04 at 22:12 -0400, Kohei Yoshida wrote:
> I'm looking forward to your feedback.

Oh I almost forgot.  Here is the requested change:

8.7.x table:data-pilot-grand-total (new) 

The <table:data-pilot-grand-total> element stores attributes associated
with the grand total results of a data pilot table.  Each data pilot
table may display column grand total, row grand total, or both.  This
element stores visibility of each grand total result and optionally an
alternative text to be displayed in lieu of the default text.  When this
element is absent, both the column and row grand totals should be
present and visible.

The <table:data-pilot-grand-total> element replaces the deprecated
table:grand-total attribute, which was previously used as an attribute
of the <table:data-pilot-table> element to store visibility information
of the grand total results.  For backward compatibility, however, the
application should, when writing to a document, store the visibility
information with the table:grand-total attribute even when the
<table:data-pilot-grand-total> element is provided.  When loading a
document, the visibility information stored with the
<table:data-pilot-grand-total> elements shall take precedence over the
one stored with the table:grand-total attribute of the
<table:data-pilot-table> element.

The <table:data-pilot-grand-total> element may be used within the
following element: <table:data-pilot-table>.

The <table:data-pilot-grand-total> element may have the following
attributes: table:display, table:orientation, table:display-name.

18.x table:display-name (new) 

18.x.1 General (new) 

The table:display-name attribute in general is used with an element that
has a "name" attribute associated with it (primary name), to specify an
alternative name for display purposes.  When this attribute is absent,
the value of the display name equals the value of the primary name of
that element.

The table:display-name may be used with the following elements:
<table:data-pilot-grand-total>, <table:data-pilot-field>,
<table:data-pilot-member>, and <table:data-pilot-subtotal>.

18.x.2 <table:data-pilot-subtotal> (new) 

The table:data-pilot-subtotal element may use the table:display-name
attribute to store an alternative subtotal text.  When the value of the
table:function attribute is "auto", the alternative text specified by
the table:display-name attribute shall be used instead of the default
subtotal text.

When the alternative subtotal text is used, a backslash character ('\')
must escape a question mark ('?'), while all un-escaped question marks
shall be interpreted as the respective field member name when the text
is displayed on screen.  A literal backslash character is represented by
two successive backslash characters ('\\').

18.972 table:display (change) 

The table:display attribute may be used with the following elements:
<style:table-properties> 16.8, <table:data-pilot-grand-total> 8.7.x,
<table:data-pilot-member> 8.7.11, <table:error-message>,
<table:help-message>, <table:table-column-group> 8.1.9 and
<table:table-row-group> 8.1.8.

18.1041.x <table:data-pilot-grant-total> (new) 

The table:orientation attribute specifies the orientation of a grand
total result.  The possible values are: row, column, or both.  The
default value is both.

Schema changes/additions: 

<define name="table-display-name" combine="interleave">
        <attribute name="table:display-name">
            <ref name="string"/>

<define name="table-data-pilot-grand-total">
    <element name="table:data-pilot-grand-total">
            <attribute name="table:orientation">
            <attribute name="table:display">
                <ref name="boolean"/>
            <ref name="table-display-name"/>

<define name="table-data-pilot-table">
    <element name="table:data-pilot-table">
        <ref name="table-data-pilot-table-attlist"/>
                <ref name="table-database-source-sql"/>
                <ref name="table-database-source-table"/>
                <ref name="table-database-source-query"/>
                <ref name="table-source-service"/>
                <ref name="table-source-cell-range"/>
            <ref name="table-data-pilot-grand-total"/>
            <ref name="table-data-pilot-field"/>

<define name="table-data-pilot-field-attlist" combine="interleave">
    <ref name="table-display-name"/>

<define name="table-data-pilot-member-attlist" combine="interleave">
    <ref name="table-display-name"/>

<define name="table-data-pilot-subtotal-attlist">
        <attribute name="table:function">
                <ref name="string"/>
            <attribute name="table:function"> 
            <ref name="table-display-name"/>



Kohei Yoshida - OpenOffice.org Engineer - Novell, Inc.

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