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Subject: RE: [office] Using JIRA

"Dennis E. Hamilton" <dennis.hamilton@acm.org> wrote on 05/24/2009 
12:44:52 PM:

> I think your (3) is also great, but for us to do that we have to recall 
> the public commenter might want to know where the JIRA issue is, so they 
> see our discussion.  Also, it would help in any follow-up from public
> commenters concerning what they see us making of their comment, since 
> can't put comments directly on JIRA.

This is easy.  Since every issue ported over to JIRA has the original URL 
in the "Description" field, the original poster can simply search for that 
URL in JIRA to retrieve the current status of that issue.

I also include the original submitters email address, so they can easily 
look up the current status of all of their issues.
> Although it feels clumsy and will add material to the office-comment 
list, I
> have the following suggestion for at least new JIRA issues that are 
> for a submission on office-comment: (1) reply to the office-comment, (2)
> include the comment submitter and the office-comment list in the reply, 
> (3) report that the comment has been turned into JIRA issue(s) with 
> numbers and their URLs.  (I have confirmed that the JIRA is available to
> public access, so this should all work.)

This is unnecessary and would just make more work for me.  See above for 
how the original submitter can look up their items on JIRA. 

We can put the information on how to search JIRA in a monthly note to the 
comment list.


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