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Subject: RE: [office] Using JIRA


I think this is great.  I admire the effort here and the way the result is
shaping up.  This is going to be a powerful advance in our reliable
management of issues.

I think your (3) is also great, but for us to do that we have to recall that
the public commenter might want to know where the JIRA issue is, so they can
see our discussion.  Also, it would help in any follow-up from public
commenters concerning what they see us making of their comment, since they
can't put comments directly on JIRA.

Although it feels clumsy and will add material to the office-comment list, I
have the following suggestion for at least new JIRA issues that are created
for a submission on office-comment: (1) reply to the office-comment, (2)
include the comment submitter and the office-comment list in the reply, and
(3) report that the comment has been turned into JIRA issue(s) with their
numbers and their URLs.  (I have confirmed that the JIRA is available to
public access, so this should all work.)

It looks like this will provide submitters of comments a more-visible (and
relatively-immediate) way of finding out what is happening with their input
to us than has been available in the past.   

 - Dennis

PS: I remember your mentioning the idea of putting up a periodic FAQ on a
-comment list, but I don't recall whether it was in an ODF TC or OIC TC
conversation.  It seems like a good idea to revive that idea for the ODF TC.

PPS: I am available to lend a hand in this.  It is one of the activities
that I think is very important in having the ODF TC work be valued.

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Subject: [office] Using JIRA

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3) New comments from the comment list.  Periodically, perhaps monthly for 
now, more frequently during public review periods, I will migrate over 
comments from the public comment list.  If we can keep discussion on that 
list to a minimum, then we'll get less "junk" in JIRA.  I think we want to 
get into the habit of commenting on comments within JIRA, adding new 
information in JIRA, etc., so the JIRA record reflects the most-complete 
and current state of the issue.

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