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Subject: Re: [office] [OASIS Issue Tracker] Commented: (OFFICE-2082) [Zip] referenceis neither public nor authoritative

Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net> wrote on 10/12/2009 01:31:09 PM:

> >
> > 
> Err, do you mean annex N in the JTC 1 Directives? I don't remember 
> seeing a archive copy provision. May well be there and I overlooked it.

No, I wasn't thinking of Annex N.  Annex N does not apply to Fast Track or 
PAS in any case.  I was thinking of what ITTF said they do during the time 
between approval and publication of a Fast Track/PAS.  One of the things 
they do is track down the external normative references, inquire about 
rights to use the specification under RAND terms, secure and archive a 
copy, etc.  That is the safety net and preserves the integrity of all 
published ISO standards.  However, for this to work, we need to make sure 
that all our references in ODF 1.2 are valid at the time of approval.  As 
far as I can tell, the Zip reference is the only questionable one there.

> > It might be a good practice for us as well, to keep an archived copy 
> > all all non-ISO, non-OASIS, non-W3C, non-IETF referenced 
> >
> Well, in a word, no. ;-) Recall that different organizations for reasons 

> that seem best to them have copyright statements that suit their 
> institutional purposes. Some of them even restrict availability of 
> standards to paying members. So, a general rule of archiving would run 
> afoul of such provisions fairly quickly.

Good point.


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