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Subject: RE: [office] [OASIS Issue Tracker] Commented: (OFFICE-2082) [Zip] reference is neither public nor authoritative

Fortunately, I had tucked-away a copy of appnote-970311-iz.zip (and Michael
Stahl tracked down a reliable reference on the info-zip.org site).

The license issues are bothersome, I admit.  This is a particular concern
for the Info-Zip versions since they are clearly derivative works of the
PKWARE versions and their simply slapping their own license on it (for
whatever versions of "they") doesn't apply to the non-original content.

I don't want to even think about IPR issues that are more complex than mere
copyright and determination of the copyrightable subject matter in this
particular instance.

 - Dennis 

PS: For on-line materials that I might want to cite, I do keep archive
(i.e., persistent cache) copies.  (For work on a dissertation of any
significance, that is a requirement.)  However, I also embargo them and make
sure that they are not reachable over the internet via any links in my
material.  See, e.g.,  
<http://nfoworks.org/notes/2008/03/n080301-cache/default.htm> and notice
there is no download for items n080301c4, n080301d3, n080301d6, and others.

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From: Patrick Durusau [mailto:patrick@durusau.net] 
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 10:31
To: robert_weir@us.ibm.com
Cc: dennis.hamilton@acm.org; 'ODF TC List'
Subject: Re: [office] [OASIS Issue Tracker] Commented: (OFFICE-2082) [Zip]
reference is neither public nor authoritative


[ ... ]

Err, do you mean annex N in the JTC 1 Directives? I don't remember 
seeing a archive copy provision. May well be there and I overlooked it.
> It might be a good practice for us as well, to keep an archived copy of 
> all all non-ISO, non-OASIS, non-W3C, non-IETF referenced specifications.
Well, in a word, no. ;-) Recall that different organizations for reasons 
that seem best to them have copyright statements that suit their 
institutional purposes. Some of them even restrict availability of 
standards to paying members. So, a general rule of archiving would run 
afoul of such provisions fairly quickly.

I don't disagree with your idea in principal and as a practical matter I 
keep local copies of everything that I cite with any  regularity. But 
keeping a public archive of *copyrighted* materials that were produced 
by others is a "different kettle of fish."

[ ... ]

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