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Subject: Re: [office] Choice of Authoritative ODF Format for Specifications

On 16/06/2010 21:19, Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-06-16 at 11:42 -0600, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>> While I doubt that the specifications so-produced will be judged
>> to fail to be ODF 1.2 documents at some future point, ...
> It is known that OpenOffice 3.2 does not create files that match the
> current ODF 1.2 specs, for example see the bug report
> http://www.openoffice.org/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=102690 that I filed
> over a year ago.
> I don't know whether the ODF 1.2 specification contains any such issue.
> it does not seem to be affected by the bug mentioned above.
> Andreas

i guess this issue is still open mainly because it doesn't have a target
set, so the usual filters for "important issues to be fixed now" don't
list it.
the fact that it's assigned to some generic owner doesn't help; from the
history it seems it was even temporarily closed erroneously by somebody
whose username i don't recognise.

issues where OOo writes invalid ODF files really should be fixed with high
priority, at the latest with the next minor update.

if you (or anybody else) file such an issue in the future (and i would
like to encourage you to do so if you find one), please do the following
to ensure that it gets read by the right people, with the right priority:

- set the "target milestone" to the next OOo minor release.
  (for example currently that would be OOo 3.3)
- set the priority to "P2"
- set keyword "odf_validation"
- assign an invalid sample document written by OOo
- always put "mib" on CC:
- if the issue is in Writer, assign it to "od" and put "mst" on CC:
- if the issue is in Calc, assign it to "er" and put "nn" on CC:
- if the issue is in Draw/Impress, assign it to "cl"
- if the issue is in common framework functionality (e.g. metadata or
packaging) assign it to "mst"

of course we also fix lots of issues where the reporter has not done these
things, but keeping these guidelines in mind will minimize the risk that
such an issue will fall through the cracks.


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http://www.sun.de        OpenOffice.org/StarOffice Writer
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