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Subject: Re: [office] Choice of Authoritative ODF Format for Specifications

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> Someone who is aware of any substantive difficulty producing and consuming
> the current specifications as ODF 1.1 should say what the problem is, if
> any.
Hi Dennis,

as I pointed out - there is none. The checks I did revealed four
minor production issues, that are just bugs in OOo I guess, and can
be easily fixed up manually.

> I do have a small problem with needing to produce proposals for encryption
> related things in 1.2, as the software on my laptop will only do 1.1, and it
> would be a nuisance to install something else to produce a few paragraphs.
> I'm trying to understand whether this is truly a practical issue, or just an
> ideological issue.
I would assume neither - presumably just our editors using a recent
version of OOo in its default setup.


-- Thorsten

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