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Subject: RE: [office] Errata ballot or new revision?

I see that there has been no new action on this.

I have today cleared my desk to put more attention on the Errata cd04-rev03
draft as well as catch up on WG6 action items in this coming week.

I am starting to look into the Errata draft now but I doubt that I will be
complete before the ODF TC all tomorrow morning, June 28.

Certainly, if a new ballot is started I will have my comments before the
ballot-due-date.  I have no recommendation on which is a better way to
undertake this.  

 - Dennis

PS: One thing, before I forget one more time.  Those items in Errata 01 that
are defective (i.e., the one where font changes weren't shown) should be
corrected in Errata 02.  I'm assuming that Patrick can't handle those in IS

PPS: Also, according to WG6 minutes I've seen, there is an understanding
that I don't recall but that is to the effect that those IS 26300 defect
reports we resolve by specifying "implementation dependence" are expected to
be repaired in ODF 1.2 (not sure what that means).
In any case, we might want to spawn some ODF 1.2 sub-issues that track the
ODF 1.0 and 1.1 handled ones to ensure that there is no regression in 1.2.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 16:25
To: Svante Schubert
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Subject: [office] Errata ballot or new revision?

Hi Svante,

Before I start a new Errata ballot, did you want to submit a new revision? 
 I know there was some further discussion in WG6.  If we can include that 
feedback now, before the ballot starts, it will be better, I think. 


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