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Subject: RE: [office] Errata ballot or new revision?

The error was in both the ODF and PDF of the Approved Errata 01.

The defect is in the correction for section 9.3 page 295 that reads 'The
term "scale" should be replaced with "scale".'  In
OpenDocument-v1.0-errata-01-os.odt (and the .pdf) the correction statement
is in a single font style throughout.  The second occurrence of 'scale'
should have been in monospace.

 - Dennis


There is also a problem with the wording that should be corrected in Errata
02/COR2.  It is very strange to say that 'The value *scale-min* equals the
value *scale*, except ..'. where the *-d terms are in monospace.  The use of
equals is inappropriate here.  

To clear up the awkward wording and a defect later in the same sentence, it
seems more appropriate to replace the entire paragraph with: "The value
*scale-min* specifies that the respective calculated width or height is a
minimum value rather than an absolute one." [I confess that that still
doesn't make sense unless we are referring to the value given in *svg:width*
or *svg:height*, and I don't know how preservation of the proportion of
height to width figures in.  I wonder what ODF 1.2 says and whether we can
back-fill something precise?]

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Subject: RE: [office] Errata ballot or new revision?

[ ... ]

Was the error in the ODF version of Approved Errata 01 or only in the PDF 
version?  If the error was only in the PDF version, then Patrick should be 
able to silently correct that in the final published COR1.

If the error was in the ODF version then we live with it in Errata 01/COR1 
and fix it in Errata 02/COR2.


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