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Subject: Re: [office] OpenOffice extensions to ODF

Thorsten Zachmann <t.zachmann@zagge.de> wrote on 07/15/2010 03:13:37 PM:

> > 
> Does this mean that allowing office:annotation will be considered toget 
> for ODF 1.2?

The question was also asked earlier in the thread, whether we can add 

I think this is clearer if you consider the voting math.  To get to a 
Committee Specification we require that 2/3 of voting TC members approve, 
with no more than 25% disapprove.  Since we have ~15 voting members at any 
given time, this means that approval of 10 is required, and any 4 could 

This does not prevent the TC from adding additional features to the draft, 
but it does mean that there would need to be a very high level of 
consensus that such a change is necessary.

And remember that we have a long list of member proposals, made last year, 
that we've already deferred to ODF-Next. 

So let's get ODF 1.2 out, so we can start on ODF-Next, where we will have 
much broader abilities to integrate new features.

Perhaps it would also help if we committed to have a far faster cycle for 
the next version of ODF?  I'd propose aiming for a 12-month or 18-month 
cycle. That way, the sting of not having a feature make it into ODF 1.2 is 
not so great, since we'll have another release only a year away.

In any case, I'll likely vote against adding new features at this point 
unless there is something of extraordinary importance. 


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