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Subject: <text:*-ref> elements, <text:reference-ref>, <text:bookmark-ref>,<text:note-ref>, <text:sequence-ref>


I really have no idea where I got the "list label" language that appears
in the issue reported for the following four elements:

<text:reference-ref> ODF 1.2 Section 7.7.5

<text:bookmark-ref> ODF 1.2 Section 7.7.6

<text:note-ref> ODF 1.2 Section 7.7.7

<text:sequence-ref> ODF 1.2 Section 7.7.8

They all have the same form so let me quote <text:reference-ref> as an

"The <text:reference-ref> element represents a field that represents a
reference to a <text:reference-mark-start> or <text:reference-mark>
element in a text."

Note the element *represents* a field (ok so far) that *represents* a
*reference* (double indirection?) to a....

Either the elements represents:

1) A field that can be populated by some means (we don't say how)


2) It represents a reference to a reference mark set elsewhere in the

What is confusing is to have the element represent both a field (that
can be populated) and *also* represent the contents of that field. 

One, perhaps clearer version:

"The <text:reference-element> represents a reference to a
<text:reference-mark-start> or <text:reference-element>. 

But that gives no clue as to how text comes to be in that element.

What about:

"The <text:reference-element represents a field that is populated by a
reference to a <text:reference-mark-start> or <text:reference-element>."

That captures that it is the field that is being represented and that it
is populated by a reference to particular elements.

Does that work?

Hope everyone is having a great day!


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