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Subject: The public review has ended. What next?

The 15-day public review of ODF 1.2 CSD 07 has ended.

We received seven comments in this period which have been recorded as JIRA 
issues 3668-3674.  Additionally, we received another public comment, JIRA 
3667 between the previous review and this last review, and I suggest we 
discuss its resolution along with the others.

Please enter proposed resolutions into JIRA. In some cases the issues are 
clearly ODF-Next, such as when a TC member (like me) entered a new feature 
proposal that just happened to be entered during the public review period.

Our next major step (assuming we make no additional changes that would 
trigger another public review) is to approve CSD 07 as a Committee 
Specification.  The rules for this are described here:  

I would like to move this forward at next Monday's meeting (March 7th). At 
that meeting I would like us to vote on two things:

1) Approving the disposition of comments for the above mentioned public 
review comments.

2) Approve a motion to request a Committee Specification ballot for CSD 

If the above two motion pass, then we will ask Robin to set up a 1-week 
"special majority" ballot to approve the Committee Specification.  Special 
majority means it will require 2/3 approval of all voting members with no 
more than 25% disapproval.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



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