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Subject: Voting rights for Committee Specification ballot

So we're all on the same page for the Committee Specification ballot 
coming up, let me review how voting rights are gained or lost.

You gain voting rights by attending two consecutive meetings.  You lose 
voting rights when you miss two consecutive meetings.  Your voting rights 
change at the adjournment of a meeting.  So, if you have attended one 
meeting and are attending now your 2nd consecutive meeting, then you are 
not counted for a voting member in that 2nd call.  But your voting rights 
would vest at the adjournment of that call, making you eligible for voting 
at the next meeting, or for any electronic ballot that issues in the 

That's my summary.  You can read the official process definition for this 
here:  http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php#membership

I don't want anyone to be surprised when the Committee Specification 
ballot comes along, so let me tell where things stand.  Looking at the 
TC's attendance roster as of now, I see that only four members have the 
potential to see their voting rights change based on attendance (or 
non-attendance) at next Monday's call:

==== Eike and Thorsten B. will lose voting rights if they do not attend.

==== Robin and Suresh will gain voting rights if they do attend.

Everyone else has either attended the two most-recent meetings, or has 
missed the two most-recent meetings.  For them to change their status 
would require a change in attendance over two meetings.  So the remaining 
members essentially have "locked in" their voting status for the Committee 
Specification ballot, assuming it issues before the following TC call 
(March 14th). 

Of course, I encourage everyone to attend every meeting. 



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